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Terms and Conditions

Though this might not be the most exciting page on our website but surely you should not give this page a miss.
This page clearly states the expectations that you can hold from us (www.penitt.com).


Company – PenIT Technology Private Limited & PenIT Inc.
Business – Company/Organization/Client/Consumer

Age Requirements

PenIT is a professional offshore company that provides technology and digital marketing services to corporate/companies/clients. You are advised to adhere to the age restrictions as per the law of the land or country you belong to.

What can you expect here?

This content & our website herein communicates what PenIT as a company is and offers. There are ways to connect with us. You can visit our portfolio or case studies to see our previous works, but you should not use them as your own, in any form. Doing so will attract serious legal charges from us.

Develop and Changes

We keep updating our content as per needs and requirements and you are advised to keep an eye. You are advised to check multiple times before taking any content as final. Also, you are solely responsible if you take any content seriously or by the book. PenIT does not hold an accountability to establish the content as true.

3rd Party Activity

PenIT as a company or any official from PenIT is not responsible or accountable for any malicious or unlawful activity conducted by any 3rd party using the name of PenIT. It I advised to come to terms with anyone using PenIT name at your own risk.

In case, you have any other query you can contact us round the clock and we will be happy to answer you.

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