Being Digital is a Necessity, Not a Luxury!

Rapid digitization has made online presence a necessity for business and service providers. It has become a general practice of the general public to search for service providers or products over the internet. The growth of online searching and shopping is on the rise and there seems to be no stopping at all.

Gone are the times when one had to visit shops in person to avail services or buy a product. Today, the proliferation of the internet has made lives much easier. One simply needs to search online. Everything starting from food to clothing to accessories to homes to dating to marriage is available online at the expense of a few clicks. In such a state, it will not be wise for a businessman to remain absent or be vaguely present on the internet.

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Why Hire us?

Our competent Digital Experts and IT Professionals can offer you the best solutions in the least amount of time.


We endeavour to carry out every task with a touch of creativity and innovation. It is our USP to add a innovate solutions that adds efficacy to the overall process.


We plan out a strategical path before starting the execution of any project. This ensures there are no loopholes in the system and the task is completed well.


Each of our tasks are undertaken under strict confidentiality policy. We ensure no information or data is passed on to a third party without legal permissions.

We offer a large range of services:

Our services include but not limited to IT Services like Web Development, Web Design and Copy, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, and Content and Copy writing services.

App Development

Our team of efficient mobile app developers have years of experience to produce result- oriented apps that serve the required purpose.

Website Design & Development

We comprise of a team of specialized web designers and developers who can transform any idea into design and develop a suitable website.

Content and Copy Writing Services

Our writers are proficient enough to write the most appropriate messages to convey what is required to the target audiences.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing (social media, PPC, search engine optimization, email marketing) Make your online presence felt and create disruptions like a boss. Be the trend setter for other to follow.


Read the real report of your past and current performances. Know your scope of improvement and get going.

CMS Development

A CMS that enhances your work efficiency is difficult to create. Trust our team with the expertise and proven ability to develop proficient CMS.


Why Consult the Average when you have the Best to Serve you?

At PenIT we take every project as an opportunity to apply our skills and create something unique for the betterment of our clients and users. Our trained professionals leave no stone unturned to ensure a top-notch output is produced.

We don't work for money as a result our charges are always kept to be the minimum. Our aim is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work and their businesses keep rolling.

We are available for the service of our clients round the clock. We don't lose terms after the completion of our projects.

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