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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most traditional forms of communication. The importance of email marketing has only increased by all measures. Every marketer is of the view that email marketing is something they cannot escape or ignore. In fact, a large portion of the marketing budget is allotted to email campaigns because the profitability of email campaigns is not hidden from anyone. In fact, it has been found that connections made through meaningful emails last long, valued, and reap more profits.

PenIT Technology Private Limited offers efficient email marketing solutions to its clients. PenIT Technology Private Limited is one of the most reliable email marketing companies in India known for its impeccable services. Our long list of reputable clientele is a testament to the fact that we have performing in the market and our clients have been benefitted through our services.

Simple Email Campaign is Not So Simple to Perform

Conducting email campaigns is easy. However, to ensure your email is suitable and correct needs attention to details.

    An ideal email campaign should:

  • Take care of the emailer body and design. If your text communication is not simple to read and easy to comprehend, your audience reach plummets significantly then and there.
  • The choice of words, colour schemes, and design pattern should be as per your target audience. For example, if you are targeting VPs and Directors of corporate, you cannot be having too joyful colours and child like playful patterns. Also, you need to maintain a professional tone in your writing.
  • The timing of shooting the email is crucial. Say for example, the best time to shoot emails is either Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Monday morning, every one is fresh and determined to clear backlogs. Friday is the end of the week and everyone desires to complete all tasks to ensure they no tasks erupt in the weekends.
  • There are various tools that you can use to shoot emailers like Netline and Hubspot. You need to gauge which tool is best for your location and target audience.
  • Create workflows that will save you time. Email campaigns are regular affairs and creating the same kind of emailer every week does not make sense. Therefore, workflows are an amazing facility.

PenIT Technology Private Limited holds the expertise to create and send most efficient emailers. We track sends, delivery rates, bounces, spam reports, click through rates, open rates, unsubscribe and more and more. We measure and analyze our engagement across demographics, devices, ISPs, inbox providers etc. We leave no stone unturned to gain maximum profits out of every single emailer that we send.

It is imperative that your message in your email resonates with your clients. PenIT PenIT Technology Private Limited comprises of expert email marketers who have been there in the business for many years. They know how to craft the right message and shoot it to the interested audience at the right time.
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