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Social Media Services

The world of social media is hard to ignore for a brand or business professional. Social media is a major point of contact for service providers and customers. We at PenIT know the art of efficient social media optimization.

PenIT: Social Media Services

Social media marketing means using social platforms to promote one’s business or products. PenIT has expertise in social media marketing that assists its clients to efficiently advertise their products and services to the right target audience.

There are numerous social media channels on the internet. Not every two social media channel works in the same way. Neither are all the social mediums fit to be leveraged by all brands. For example, if a recruiting company wants to conduct a social media campaign to attract more candidates, LinkedIn would be the best medium for them.

Our digital marketing professionals know how to strategize social media strategy and make best use of content and design. We have created numerous social media campaigns which has promoted our client’s reach unexpectedly. Thereby, leading to better customer reach and increased sales.

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Trust the PenIT team, we are one of the pioneers in the field of social media marketing. Over the years, we have attained the expertise to implement best social media marketing techniques to garner best results.

The Digital Marketing Services We Offer

Social Media Content & Design

We know how to create social media content and design that captivates the attention of the target audience.

Social Media Optimization

We optimize your social media accounts for greater reach and higher ROI. You will get value for every penny you spend.

Social Media Strategy

Not all strategy suits every brand – hence, we create personalized strategies that will work for your unique brand or business.

Analytics Evaluation

We ensure to study analytics and learn what is working best. Thereby, amplify and concentrate more on what’s working best for your brand.

Regular Touchbase

We remain in constant touch with our clients to keep them informed about the progression of social media campaigns.


You don’t need to worry about posting on several social media channels and at the right time. We do it for you.

Facts About Us.

Our social media channels are robust by nature. They are as per the needs of the clients – be it for lead generation or branding. We ensure to align the social media strategy as per the unique needs of our client’s requirements.

PenIT offers social media services that makes your brand’s voice compelling and heard by your target audience, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

Let the numbers speek for themselves.


Spent on FB Ads


Spent on LinkedIn


Target Audience Growth


Revenue Increased


Our social media team benefits you in more than one way – eventually all lead to increased target audience, potential customers, convert to sales and revenue.

All in One

Our social media team consists of writers, designers, and developers who know how to craft compelling content.

Enhanced Reach

Our social media marketing strategies ensures your products and services are known to your target audiences.

Brand Voice

Our social media team will make sure to make your brand’s voice be more and more compelling and promising to customers.

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