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We believe in harvesting healthy partnerships to
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Case Studies

Here we are showcasing some of our work. These are the businesses where they believed us since day one. We have built their product design, development, digital activities, analytics and tracking.


My name is Ofri Matza. I graduated from the Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art with a B.Des degree. In 2019 I launched the OFRIMATZA STŪDIO brand - clothing for the cosmopolitan woman who likes looking effortlessly stylish.

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Penit Portfollio
Penit Portfolio

Finocent helps you in standing out in today’s increasingly competitive world. We help in facilitating your financial journey by bringing forth the opportunities and risks associated with investing in different securities and financial instruments.

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Yolojet is an innovative technology powered, automated shipping solution for sellers. Our solution enables you tocompare among leading logistic companies with regards to their price and time of delivery between specified source and destination pin codes.

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Penit Portfollio
Penit Portfolio

Cashwalle site has been created to help you in making better borrowing decisions. Some of the information presented on the website has been collected from public sources.

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Hello, we’re Dapy! An innovative Crypto -to-Fiat Direct Payment App that allows you to scan & pay any Fiat invoice using your cryptocurrency while we do all the hard work in the background, utilizing cutting-edge technology, to seamlessly & securely convert it for you during every transacation.

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Penit Portfollio

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