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Old yet Relevant – way to get your Sales up in the North Direction

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of digital communication. It has been used for years to connect with target audiences and still its efficiency remains intact. Can you imagine anyone without an email address? No, right!

Email ID is alike the address of residence - unique and helpful for effective communication.

Here are some questions that might arise in your mind.
How do you connect? How many times can/should you email? What do you write to your prospects/consumers? Where do you get the email addresses of your consumers? Why do some emails go to the spam/junk and a few to inbox? How to measure if your email communication was fruitful or not? How do you calculate the effectiveness of your email communication? What are different ways to attract the consumer to ensure they open your email?

Email writing might sound a walk in the park as we write emails on a daily basis. However, business communication is an altogether different ball game. We do receive hundreds of emails from diverse brands and the frequency just seems to be growing. But do you click and open all the emails that hit your inbox? Certainly not. However, there are certain emailers who you are tempted to open and explore what’s in it for you.

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Trust the PenIT team with your company’s technology needs. Our web services are visually attractive, simple to read and comprehend, which eventually lead to long lasting visitor impressions.

The Email Marketing Services We Offer Are.

Our Email Marketing services are targeted to create a buzz and garner the attention of the target audience.

Title of the email & Time of the day

Probably the most important element of email marketing is researching and writing the most attractive title and sending emails at the best time.

Frequency of emails

Too many emails to same addresses might just degrade your credibility. Therefore, it is important to gauge the right number of emails to be sent out.

Content in the email body

This is no less than an art and it is best left to the artists who have proved their merit.

CTA for consumers

The Call to Action is the most critical part that needs maximum attention. This makes or breaks the ROI of the email campaign.

Facts About Us.

Over the years, we have become extremely proficient in understanding which copy or content works for which industry or client. Thereafter, we have a team that undertakes research to find out the best time of the day or night and the exact number of emails to be sent out for maximum profit.

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There are innumerable benefits of partnering with us for your Email and digital marketing campaigns. Let’s talk about a few of them here:

Modern Technologies

Our expert digital marketing professionals have the knowledge and expertise to couple modern technology with digital marketing technique to garner maximum profit.

Professional, multi-skilled team

We are professional in our approach. Our multi-skilled expert professionals always remain true to their words and act as per our promise.

Cost Saving Balance

Our charges are best in the market. We levy prices for our efficient email marketing services that will not burn a hole in your pocket but ensure to make your business profitable.

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