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With the rapid rise of digitization, analytics has become the lifeblood of digital enterprises. Gauging and checking out the effectiveness of a particular execution by deriving insights is one of the key practices for the growth and development of a company.

PenIT: Analytics Solution

Today is the digital age. One needs to make their digital presence to ensure their business remain afloat. Several marketing campaigns are carried out to keep the name of the brand in the minds of their audience intact. However, not all campaigns are equally successful. There are some that work amazingly while some just prove to be waste of time. The difference between successful and unsuccessful campaigns is the practices behind its execution.

Our Analytics expert have full power to leverage data and transform blueprints for our customers. We help our customers create competitive advantage using the data, monetize new services that they may think of introducing, enhance the efficiency of their present operations, and understand the full potential of their digital platforms.

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Trust the PenIT team, we ensure strategic analysis of your day to day campaigns that you execute or implement

The Analytics Services We Offer:

Analytics Planning:

With the marketing campaigns, customer behavior on website analytics planning is crucial. We can help in planning tracking events, funnels to get the data points.

Analytics Implementation:

Once analytics is planned, then implementing it correct by testing various tags is our job. We get right data sets implemented on website.

Report Creation:

Every business need daily dashboard to track performance and decision taking. We help in building the same with no time.

Identifying Focus Area:

We not just create reports, we read the numbers and publish them in business sense numbers. Identify improvement areas and convey the same.

Revenue Suggestions:

Our analytics data is accurate and suggestions always has capability to improve revenue numbers.

Business Data Management:

Our data management services is to assemble information / processed data at safer place, so that it can be used for future planning and business growth.

Facts About Us.

Analytics is key and more important is how one present it. Our data analysts has great experience with big brands and they know how to use data and get best out of the same to generate business revenue. We have successfully delivered many stories for our various clients.

Let the numbers speek for themselves.


Reduction in website Bounce Rate


Increase in page views

Funnel Tracking

Funnel Report for glance view


Increase in traffic to lead ratio


Analytics is not about extracting insights but more of implementing strategies to improve operations and gain more and more profits. Our team has good experience in the same.

All in One

Our analytics team can plan, implement and present the analytical data as per the business needs.

One Dashboard

Management need one place to get the correct business numbers. With our analytics service, we have good capability.

Various Tools

We have worked on various analytical tools such as Adobe analytics (omniture), Google analytics, Comsore, Nedstat etc.

Custom Reports

Being into analytics services, we can build custom reports for various departments. Such as sales report, marketing report, operations report with meaningful data to take decisions.

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